Friday, August 25, 2006

Awa Odori, Kagurazaka (1)

Though it resembles an overcrowded sauna, Tokyo in Summer is arguably at its most enjoyable. The pace relaxes a bit, salarymen quaff outdoors in beer gardens, taxi radios (or these days, TVs) are tuned to baseball games, and traditional clothing of the season such as yukata, jinbei, and geta become common. Perhaps best of all, however, are the matsuri (festivals) such as this Awa Odori in the neighborhood of Kagurazaka. Awa Odori is a raucous dance-parade through city streets that puts the lie to the notion many westerners have of staid Japan. The performers - musicians and dancers in traditional garb - truly jettison any inhibitions as they perform for crowds (sometimes throngs, depending on the location) of happy onlookers.   Posted by Picasa


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