Saturday, December 01, 2007

Night Platform, Yotsuya

"My remembrance, or memory, of Maizuru stems not from a direct image I saw, but from a screen image, a copied image. On such fragmented images I accumulate more and more times and landscapes. Things stemming from others' memories implant some fragments in myself which, through an intermediation of experience, imagination and time, gradually turn into my reality. Isn't this what Proust means when he talks about "all the memories of the world"?
- Moriyama Daido

"Looking at a snapshot was nothing but overlapping of the photographed past time and present looking time. Beyond the "snapshot" it is now multiplied with the infinite lifetimes of the reanimated and individualized selves. Photographer and beholder, both will be woven into the "multiplicity" of photography.
- From an essay on Moriyama Daido, by Shimizu Minoru


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