Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out With the Ox, In With the Tiger

This local garage held a couple of truck-sized signs in preparation of the New Year celebrations, as Tokyo prepares to say goodbye to the Year of the Ox and usher in the Year of the Tiger. Top story of the year here? It has to be the DPJ finally ousting the LDP as ruling party, breaking what had been a stranglehold on power that lasted more than 50 years (save for one anomalous 9-month period in 1993-94). The runner up would be the story that largely led to the change of government - the horrible economic situation. Nobody will forget the tent city in Hibiya park a year ago, as temporary workers were let go in droves, many became homeless, and the nation woke up to just how many people had been living on the edge for years. Fortunately, things have already improved a bit though for most a true recovery is yet to be realized. There will be many hopeful prayers tonight as the tiger is welcomed, and little regret in waving goodbye to the ox.


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